Propeller design with CFD software

AMW Marine designs the propellers with the advanced (Computational Fluid Dynamics) CFD computer program. Numerical programs for testing ship propellers.

For the most perfect propeller design with CFD, the following features are of great importance; the propulsion force, movements, flow and water force, as well as questions about shallow depths, channel effects, how often situations occur and the shipping routes.

To design an unique screw for a ship, a thorough specification is required, including the following:

  • Engine data and ideas
  • Design, ship dimensions, displacement
  • Draft (unloaded – half loaded – loaded)
  • Coupling information /                Electric propulsion information
  • Expected speeds
  • Sailing area / route information
  • Sound requirements
  • Class requirementsA fast craft needs a completely different design than, for example, an inland waterway vessel.

For special designs, AMW-Marine uses the (Finite Element Analyses) FEA software. Especially propellers with higher class requirements.

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