Harderwijk, 20 juli 2018. Palfinger. Fotograaf: Peter Kuhl.

With the deliveries in the field of marine propulsion systems and propulsion technology, compliance driven equipment, AMW-MARINE can provide many sectors with various marine components, Balast water treatment systems, fuel supply systems, hybrid/electric propulsion, gear boxes, propellers, deck cranes, water jets, couplings, waterjets and heat exchangers.


3d motion compensated redrock crane

3D compensated crane successful tested

The new Red Rock 3D compensated crane had a very successful test. Positioning loads from the vessel to the wind ...
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AMW-Marine is a concept in the maritime sector: it has delivered a wide range of products for over thirty years. Successfully. Because of the intensive collaboration with producers and users, we provide products that are characterized by sustainability and are tailored to your specific requirements.