AMW-Marine introduced the Hamilton Waterjet in the 80’s

Now HamiltonJet has the fastest waterjet, the HTX30





AVX control system

Blue Arrow Jet Control

Mouse Boat
Positioning System

Jet Anchor
Positioning system

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Hamilton Waterjets are installed in fast passenger crafts, fast ferries, watertaxi’s, navy ships, fire fighting ships, luxury fast crafts and tenders and lots of other fast crafts.

The Waterjet Advantage

  • Usable in shallow waters
  • No exposed appendages beneath the hull (rescue crafts)
  • Superior manoeuvrability at high and low speed
  • Very good efficiency at high speed
  • Less maintenance costs and parts easy replacable

Waterjets can be delivered with impellers from 200 mm up to app. 1.000 mm with output up to 5.500 kW.

Their are four types of waterjets:

  • HTX-Series, fast waterjet, quick respons, new
  • HJ-Series, ships up to 20 meters
  • HM-Series, ships from 20 up to 60 meters
  • HT-Series, ships longer than 60 meters