Our company, AMW-MARINE, was founded in 1969 and represents well-known manufacturers of propulsion systems and fluid handling products for the marine and industrial markets. We have a team of highly skilled engineers for advice, sales and engineering of a wide variety of propulsion systems. AMW designs and supplies fixed propellers with a diameter of up to 5500 mm, for inland and coastal vessels.

Our main products for the maritime industry are:

    • Fixed pitch propellers, AMW propeller
    • Gearboxes, Renk gearboxes
    • WaterJets, HamiltonJet
    • Cranes and Davits, Red Rock Cranes
    • Screw pumps, Leistritz screw pumps
    • Balast Water Management Systems, BAWAT
    • Plate heat exchangers, Funke and APV
    • Steering systems and rudders, Loewe Marine and Jastram
    • Fuel delivery systems, Aura Marine
    • NOx reduction and heating systems, Gesab

All components supplied are commissioned and maintained worldwide by our team of mechanical and electrical engineers.

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