Since 1960 AMW-Marine is a renown player in the maritime sector providing maritime consultancy and maritime equipment from their broad marine productfolio. Right from the early days AMW-Marine was involved in optimisation of propulsion systems with Ostermann Metal Werke from Keulen and van de Giessen Propeller Nozzles. At the time AMW also supplied Tacke reduction gearboxes (nowadays RENK) and Berg CPP systems for the Dutch Fishery sector. Most big trawlers were equipped with AMW-Marine supplied equipment. Also AMW-Marine supplied central cooling systems with plate type heat exchangers from Pasilac. AMW-Marine is proud of her extensive  track record at leading maritime operators.

Our team consists of experienced technicians with experienced technicians with extensive knowledge of mechanical engineering and shipbuilding. They are at your disposal to provide you the most efficient solution for your marine operation, with the lowest cost of ownership and environmental footprint.