You need a ballast water management system you can trust. One that offers proven technology you can absolutely rely on – in all conditions – with market leading OPEX. You need a system that is easy to install and simple to operate. One that can be built from off the shelf components, with no consumables, no filters, no expensive lamps to replace, and no hassles.

You need complete global compliance for ultimate fleet flexibility. You need suppliers that understand your business. You need to stay ahead of the game.


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Water Treatment Service

BAWAT systems heat ballast water and eliminate all potentially invasive organisms. It’s that simple. The process is called pasteurization and it’s been a part of our everyday lives for over 150 years. But it’s not been used in ballast water, until now.

BAWAT has devised a revolutionary, one pass solution that works for all water types and temperatures, anywhere in the world, ensuring complete regulatory compliance. There is no other system with the ability to challenge this technology’s proven track record and trusted reliability.

Bawat flyer AMW MARINE


With Bawat BWMS, service and maintenance is simplified. The combination of standard high-end components with straightforward operations means that no specialists or specialized training are required. No costly or time-consuming procedures are necessary, as all maintenance can be carried out by on-board personnel.