Bawat’s mobile BWMS offers new business opportunities for ports, terminals, shipyards and service providers, allowing them to service ships in need of discharging untreated ballast water.

Bawat Mobile Solution Brochure AMW-MARINE PDF


Bawat’s mobile system is easily connected to the ship’s ballast water piping. The ballast water is pumped through the system by use of the ship’s ballast pump. When the ballast water has passed the Bawat system, the ballast water is in full compliance with the IMO criteria for ballast water discharge.


Bawat’s mobile BWMS allows ballast water treatment on land or barge in ports, terminals and shipyards, if an on-board system is not installed or malfunctions. By establishing and operating mobile treatment units, a large number of ships can be serviced per unit, installations on each ship is avoided, resulting in lower treatment costs to the ship owner.