RENK AG is among the world’s foremost manufacturers of marine gear systems. Ongoing R&D on future marine propulsion systems backed by a century of experiences in assurance of innovative products.

Gear units for all dredger vessels.

Single or double marine gear units.

Gear units for dredger pumps

Cutter head gearboxes, Electric propulsion gear boxes

Hybrid gear boxes and customised gear units

T2RECS Marine gear units

RSV-H Marine Propulsion Gear Units

Double Marine Gearboxes

Gearboxes for dredgers

Jet pump gearboxes

Cutter Gear Units

Gearboxes for LNG Carriers

Propeller Shaft Couplings (PSC)


Thrust Bearings for high Axial and Radial Loads

RENK Powert Take off solutions

Wind Gear Boxes

Gearboxes Service