RENK Maritime Hybrid Drive

The RENK MARHY® concept launched in 2019 is applied to ships with slow speed two-stroke engines. The RENK MARHY concept makes it possible to sail and maneuver via the PTH with the engine switched off and to continue to meet the stricter emission requirements. A generator can also be placed for the on-board network (PTO) via the speed up gearbox, placed on the propeller shaft side.

RENK MARHY is an economical and environmentally friendly application for ships with high installed propulsion powers up to 60 MW. The PTO / PTH / PTI performance is adapted to the specific project requirements.

  • Center distances: 1,135 – 2,500 mm (PTO shaft to propeller shaft).
  • PTO / PTH power ratings: 500 kW – 10,000 kW.


  • Scalable PTO power.
  • Simple and reliable solution with components,

who have served their faithful service for years.

  • Lower maintenance costs due to reduced operating hours of auxiliary generator sets.
  • Redundancy in single motor installations due to the PTH option.
  • The option to also apply a PTI booster for peak loads / ice shipping.
  • Either parallel operation with one or more peak load generator sets or one

MARHY solution as the only generator drive.

  • Suitable for FPP and CPP installations.

FPP – Fixed Pitch Propeller.

CPP – Controllable Pitch Propeller.

  • Fuel economy and CO2 reduction – achieving EEDI goals.