Plate coolers for the Seven Vega Subsea 7

A successful sea trial of the Seven Vega Subsea 7, as mentioned earlier, the central cooling system is equipped with AMW plate heat exchangers. Since 2020, AMW now represents the German brand Funke in the industrial / maritime sector. These Funke plate heat exchangers provide high efficiency, high efficiency and are greener for the environment, due to the chosen plate profiles, tested in our own lab with CFD programs.

AMW-Marine has already supplied the plate heat exchangers for the central cooling system for the cable laying vessel Seven Vega of Subsea 7, construction number 1298 of IHC. The total installation is designed for a total capacity of 48,120 kW cooling capacity at 32 ° C seawater max.

AMW-Marine has supplied a total of 18 plate heat exchangers with a total titanium cooling surface of 715 m². Due to the favorable turbulence, the plate coolers have a high HTC (K value), making them very efficient in heat transfer.

AMW-Marine also supplied the plate heat exchangers for the heat recovery system in duo safety version. The plate heat exchangers have low maintenance costs due to their self-cleaning effect and the possibility of back flushing

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