RENK IFPS sets benchmarks in PTO solution


RENK: Integrated Front-end Power System

Power-Take-Off systems, so called PTOs, are an easy way to save up to 7 percent of precious fuel on a ship. At the same time, they contribute to the reduction of CO2 and therefore help fulfilling the demanding regulations of EEDI/EEXI and CII. There are different PTO concepts on the market, so how do they differ and how to find the right one for your vessel or fleet?

Key aspects of a state of the art Power-Take-Off solution should be:

– Highest degree of efficiency
– Space-saving design
– Easy to maintain
– High flexibility due to a wide operating range
– Rugged design for high uptime
– Fast decoupling for safeguarded maneuverability
– Easy to install and retrofit
– Scalability for various power demands

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