Jet Anchor Positioning System

Jet Anchor Positioning System has two operational modes:

HamiltonJet Jet Anchor brochure AMW-MARINE

  • Station Keeping: Accurate GPS positioning system for survey work, ROV deployments and standby work
  • Virtual Anchor: allows the system to set a single GPS point ‘swing’ mooring for hands-free standby operations keeping the vessel in a comfortable position

Advantage and specifications

  • More accurate station keeping than can be done manually
  • Significant reduction in operator workload
  • Reduction of crew fatigue & noise levels during standby operations
  • Reduction of operational crew numbers
  • Accurate GPS positioning for survey work, ROV deployments and standby work
  • Reduction of fuel consumption and cost
  • Improvement in operational safety

Suitable for all commercial market segments especially Crew Boats, Pilot Boats, SAR, Windfarm, Patrol, Fireboats, Fishing Boats.

Twin installations Up to 3 stations

Scope of supply

  • JET Anchor Mouse boat
  • JET Anchor GPS Antenna
  • Interface Module

JETanchor system is integrated with the Blue Arrow Control System