Rhicc AMW

HamiltonJet HJ Series

HamiltonJet HJ Series are waterjets for ships up to 20 meters length

HamiltonJet is the biggest waterjet producer world wide

  • Efficiency: as vessel speed increases waterjets become more efficient
  • Manoeuvrability: waterjet propulsion provides far superior manoeuvrability at both high and low speeds
  • Safety: waterjets have no exposed high-speed moving components external to a vessel’s hull
  • Durability: a waterjet is inherently more durable because their are no exposed appendages beneath the hull what is leading to less downtime
  • Flexibility: Fuel and time saving, engines can not be overloaded, less maintenance for the engine

Support + maintenance

AMW-Marine has its own service department. AMW-Marine can pre-schedule service.

AMW-Marine has spare parts and jets on stock for fast delivery.