EHX Electrical & Hybrid propulsion WaterJet

HamiltonJet have taken the view that there is no ‘one-size fits all’ solution, when it comes to adding electric drive to marine vessels. And whilst all-electric is attractive for shorter runs, hybrid is still the way to go for the immediate future, offering the best of both worlds.  For low speed silent running, electric power can be selected, with higher speed longer range cruising still possible utilising the diesel engine, but with smart technology minimising the IC engine run time, and optimising the overall fuel efficiency.

With this principle in mind, the company have launched their EHX water jet propulsion system where they provide electric motors, power electronics and the control system, alongside specialist expertise to ensure seamless integration with the waterjets, engines, gearboxes or clutches.The control system manages the hybrid energy flow between engines, batteries and motors while charging and discharging the batteries as required. And a simple automatic setting enables vessel operation in a manner that they claim is similar to driving a hybrid car.

HamiltonJet EHX electrical drive AMW-MARINE