Motor Starters

Stuursysteem Starter

The Motor Starter & Alarm (MSA) systems control and monitor the function of hydraulic power units.  In essence, they start and stop the electric motor which drives the hydraulic pump powering the steering gear.  The MSA comes in 3 series:

1. MSA 100 – Basic Motor Starter only  (no Alarms).

2. MSA 200 – Basic Motor Starter + Alarms to meet certain classification requirements.

3. MSA 300/301 – Basic Motor Starter + additional functions and complete Alarms to meet   classification requirements.

• The MSA system is designed to meet all major Classification Societies requirements.

• Each MSA box services one Hydraulic Power unit.

• The MSA box connects to multiple remote alarm panels

• MSA motor interlocking prevents two motors, connected to two MSA units, from being run simultaneously.

• Automatic transfer to backup power supply upon failure of primary power keeps the steering alarms active

• Automatic restart timer

• Visual indicators at both local and remote panels to warn of events taking place in the steering system.


– VDR interface can be added to MSA system for Class requirements

– Ship’s AC Supply output for Dehumidifier in HPU motor

– Serial Output for third party systems, i.e., Ship’s Central Monitoring System

– Ammeter, Hour Counter, Engineer’s Delayed Alarm, Hydraulic Lock Alarm

Alarm Indicator

Alarm panelen Jastram

These customized panels provide visual and audible alarms at both local and remote stations.

• Dedicated Pushbuttons to test and silence the Alarm Processing Units.

• Dedicated buttons for dimming and brightening the backlighting

• Push buttons and Indicators options include:

– Up to 11 standard steering gear alarms and Indicators

– AP 375 can be designed with up to 9 buttons

– AP 600 can be designed with up to 18 buttons

• LED visual indicators display normal operating and failure modes

• Motor start and stop capability

Spares and Service

Jastram Spares

AMW-MARINE for deliveries of all spare parts and service for all Jastram steering systems

Jastram Brochures

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