Hydraulic Power Unit

Stuursysteem Hydraulic Power Unit

Jastram designs and manufactures custom Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) to meet a wide range of requirements.  Powerunits are available to meet specific design challenges or requirements of the vessel owner, naval architects or shipyard.  Jastram HPU’s come in either On/Off type to help meet budget requirements, and proportional type for a smooth & quiet steering control.

• Specially  designed and built for Marine Environment

• Custom tank shape and capacity

• Customizable motors, manifold, and paint scheme

Engine driven system

Stuursysteem Motor gestuurd systeem

For those vessels where space is a large concern. Jastram steering systems can be offered with an Engine driven type of unit which consists of a pump that couples onto the existing main engines and provide flow to a custom wall mount reservoir assembly.  This set-up would be used in lieu of a Hydraulic Power unit set-up.

• No need for Motor Starter and Alarms

• Custom tank size available

• Custom pumps, manifold, and paint.

Spares and Service

Jastram Spares

AMW-MARINE for spare parts and service for all Jastram Steering Systems

Jastram Brochures

Jastram stuursystemen Brochures