RENK couplings and tooth couplings

RENK Arc Tooth Couplings

The worldwide application of Renk arc tooth couplings in marine powertrains (and all other industrial areas) indicates the great recognition and capabilities of this type of coupling. These couplings are torsionally rigid and allow large alignment differences, radial and axial. We offer the widest range of couplings from a range of designs and options and offer complete freedom for all types of shaft connections, while retaining the security of selecting the optimal solution, even for the toughest operating conditions. Special designs and custom work are supplied up to the largest dimensions.

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HYGUARD® Safety couplings

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HYGUARD® is a hydraulic safety clutch to protect machines against overload. In combination with other couplings, such as tooth couplings or flexible couplings, HYGUARD® acts as a safety coupling with torque limitation. The torque limit value is adjustable and remains the same during the entire operating time.

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