RENK couplings and tooth couplings

The worldwide application of RENK curved tooth couplings in maritime drive lines (as well as all other fields of technology) is the proof of the high recognition and capabilities of this coupling design. Torsionally stiff and allowing large radial and axial misalignments. We offer the most comprehensive range of couplings from a multitude of construction series and options, allowing complete freedom for all types of shaft connections and maintaining the certainty to select the optimum solution up to the most severe operating conditions. Special designs and custom designs can be supplied in any size.

HYGUARD® is a hydraulic safety element to protect machinery against overloads. In combination with couplings – such as tooth couplings or flexible couplings – HYGUARD® works as a safety coupling with torque limitation. The release torque is adjustable and remains constant throughout the entire operation time.