Emergency Pump units (AEP)

Marine gas oil cooler units (ACU)

Extra cooling Modular Chillers

Auramarine Spares + Service

AMW-MARINE is exclusief dealer for spares for Auramarine systems in the Benelux

Tailored auxiliary unit

Wxamples of our tailored solutions:

Modularised configurations

MGO circulation supply units

HFO circulation units

Fine filter units

Feeder units

Fuel flow measurement module

Gas valve units for natural gas (NG)

Lubrication units

Auramarine Lubrication Oil Units are used for pumping, filtering and when necessary for cooling of the lubrication oil.

Feeder Unit (AMF)

The Auramarine feeder unit (AMF) is designed to supply fuel oil to HFO/MGO booster units. The unit has two main pumps, an operating pump and a standby pump.