hybride en elektrische motor

Ship propeller Hybrid and Electric

Is hybrid or electric propulsion right for your ship? It is important to know that the propulsion must match your sailing profile. Whether it concerns your inland vessel, tanker, passenger ship, tugboat, patrol vessel, offshore vessel or mega yacht, every vessel is different and requires a tailor-made approach. Investigate with us whether hybrid or electric propulsion is something for your type of ship.

What are the benefits of hybrid or electric propulsion?

Hybrid propulsion means that the ship can be propelled in two ways, namely: electric (via the battery point or diesel-electric) or mechanical (in other words: diesel direct). This gives you as a ship owner or shipowner both the advantages of diesel-electric sailing at low power, as well as the advantages of diesel direct at high power. For example, if you use your inland waterway vessel or dredger to sail with different power levels for a long time, hybrid propulsion allows you to use the available energy more intelligently and save on your fuel costs.

With electric propulsion you benefit from the low noise level, the low vibrations and the high torque that is immediately present when sailing away and maneuvering.

Is hybrid or electric propulsion right for your ship?

Our aim is to provide “green” solutions that can also contribute to the operating result. A hybrid or electric propulsion does not necessarily have to be the most profitable solution for your type of ship. Based on a thorough optimization scan, which will at least consist of an analysis of the company profile, sailing profile, ship design, propulsion systems, energy systems and all other integrated systems, we will work with you to arrive at the right propulsion concept.

Hybrid or electric propulsion from design to delivery

In addition to designing the electrical and mechanical setup, we can also provide you with the hybrid or electrical propulsion installation turn-key. This way we can help you find, select and supply the right motors, generators, frequency converters and control. Propulsion components such as a ship’s propeller for hybrid propulsion are also possible.

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