Retrofit Solutions (slow sailing) E-RS

Intelligent solutions for efficiency improvements for shaft generators

Nowadays sailing is often slower, this is not always maximally efficient

The slow running of the main engine and the shaft generator at a constant speed work against each other in terms of efficiency

With the intelligent E-RS retrofit solution, we ensure that the conventional shaft generators run efficiently again, even at low speeds!


    • Efficient shaft generator operation, even at low or variable speeds
    • Intelligent control of the electrical system
    • Fuel savings of up to 15%
    • Low investment with a fast payback time
    • Simple installation
    • Minimal adjustments to the Switch board and main engine control unit


When sailing slowly, the shaft generator (PTO) must be switched off often and a switch must be made to the external generator sets.

These run on diesel (MDO) instead of (HFO), which results in higher (maintenance) costs

E-RS ensures that the shaft generator can continue to operate, even at lower speeds