New insulation for Funke heat exchangers is available now

AMW-Funke isolatie

Funke’s new, customized cold and heat insulation reduces power losses. It saves considerable material and assembly costs and ensures personal protection in all applications. The new insulation is available since the beginning of 2022. For more information: Please contact one of our employees at phone number +31(0)78 681 0100

The warm side
The new thermal insulation consists of 50mm CFC-free pur foam that is heat resistant up to 120°C. On the outside of the “foam layer” an aluminum coating with a stucco look is applied. The whole is stable, easy to work with and has a high aesthetic value.
AMW-Funke new isolation
The cold side
The new cold insulation, on the other hand, consists of a 20 mm-thick layer of synthetic rubber insulation, which is glued directly to the panel package. The new packaging is oxygen-tight which prevents condensation.
AMW-Funke new isolation