4x HamiltonJet HT900 Successfully delivered by AMW-MARINE, for the Damen Crew Supply Vessel FCS 7011


Delighted to see the launch of “Aqua Helix” by Damen Shipyards Antalya, Turkey. The 73.6 meter aluminium vessel is to reach a top speed of 40 knots thanks to here MTU main engines and quad HT900 HamiltonJets. The advance Hamilton control system will be the interface for operation of the boat integrating with on board power generation systems, dynamic positioning,  three bow thrusters as well as engines and gearboxes.

After finalising outfitting activities, the crew boat will undergo sea trials off the coast of Antalya to test and demonstrate here capabilities. Following this she will sail on her own to The Netherlands, where a new gangway system will be installed in preparation for fully-integrated proof of concept trials in the North Sea.

To cut costs of crew transfer, the FCS 7011 offers the opportunity to transport up to 122 personnel in a single trip. This raises the prospect of a move away from day-rate structures towards a pay per journey model and, potentially, vessel sharing, thereby increasing the efficiency of offshore operations.