Jan DeNul Group Chooses Red Rock Cranes


Three Red Rock Knuckle Telescopic Offshore Cranes will be installed on Jan De Nul Group’s floating installation crane vessel “Les Alizés”.

Jan De Nul Group mentioned on their homepage that the vessel is specifically designed for loading, transporting, lifting and installing offshore wind turbine foundations. “Les Alizés” is being built at the shipyard of China Merchants Industry Holdings Co. Ltd.


Red Rock Technology on Board

– Adding some of the new Red Rock technology features to this crane package delivery, we are proud to be partnering with Jan De Nul Group on offering the most efficient installation method of offshore wind farms.

The super vessel is designed and constructed to install some of the largest and heaviest wind turbine foundations into deep waters and in challenging seabed conditions. “Les Alizes” is currently meeting a demand within the offshore wind energy sector to design and install a new generation of large turbines.

Sitting on giant foundations up to 2,500 tons, stretching 270 meters towards the sky, and with blades the length of football fields, it is satisfactory that Red Rock technology is needed to add value to an undertaking we all consider to be a tall order, which is to ensure the vessel’s capability to install very large wind turbines greener and less expensive.