Leistritz Pompen nieuwe L3NB pomp en Smart Pump Sensor



The compact and cost-efficient new screw pump series L3NB as well as our extended service portfolio including energy efficiency analysis & health-checks!

Leistritz Pumpen GmbH / AMW-MARINE


The L3NB highlight

With the development of the L3NB, Leistritz has reacted to the environmental regulations of the MARPOL Convention: Due to the reduced sulphur content of 0.1% in ECAS areas and the global sulphur reduction of fuel oils to 0.5% by 2020, the viscosity of fuels is already reduced down to 1.4 mm²/s

With this viscosity, today’s screw pump solutions have hardly any further performance ranges left.

This is where the L3NB comes in. The L3NB pump series is a reliable solution up to 10 bar differential pressure even at 1,4 mm²/s.

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Leistritz Smart Pump Sensor

The Leistritz Smart Pump Sensor is a cost-effective and simple solution for the fundamental monitoring of pumps. The small sensor monitors and provides all necessary data, such as:


  • Vibrations (3 axis)
  • Frequency Analysis
  • Temperature
  • Running-time

Thanks to the app – which can be simply downloaded on your smartphone – all of the important data are displayed at a glance. Thus, if any irregularities occur,  the app helps to reduce the reaction time to correct them sooner.

As a cost efficient solution the Leistritz Smart Pump Sensor can be used to monitor other rotating equipment as well.

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AMW-MARINE is the exclusive distributor / agent in the Benelux for Leistritz Pumpen GmbH in the Maritime Sector.

AMW-MARINE is also supplier for:

  • Fixed Pitch Propeller – AMW-Propeller
  • Waterjets – HamiltonJet
  • Deck Cranes / Davits – Red Rock
  • Gearboxes / Couplings – Renk
  • Plate Heat exchangers – APV / SPX
  • Water Treatment Systems – DOE

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