Brass Cylinders


Jastram B Model Actuators are double-acting equal displacement cylinders which are directly connected to a tiller.  Designed for continuous heavy duty operations for the marine environment.  The B Model Actuators are type approved by Key IACS members (please contact Jastram for most up to date list).

• Designed with self-aligning stainless steel spherical trunnion and rod end bearings for easier installation

• Low friction seals for smooth movement of stainless steel cylinder rod even under relatively light loads

• Bleed ports located at each end to facilitate rapid system fill and purging.

• Cylinder can be removed without removing trunnion.

• Threads protected from outside air by O-ring providing better corrosion resistance and therefore easier maintenace.

•JEL rod end and trunnion assembly have oversized bearing areas providing superior durability even under harsh loading conditions.

•JEL uses floating seals for the piston rod providing unsurpassed sealing and easy maintenace

Steel Cylinders


Jastram S Model Actuators are specifically certified for use in commercial marine hydraulic steering systems.  Their rugged steel construction includes many standard features resulting from our long experience in the manufacture, operation and service of steering systems.

Slide Actuators


Jastram T-Ram Steering Systems are exceptionally tough and reliable.  They provide a proven, trouble free system for all types of commercial vessels.  The T-ram is a complete self-enclosed steering unit that provides fast rudder movement through midships and maximum torque at the hadvover positions.  It is designed for heavy duty use and requires very little maintenance as all moving parts are encased in grease-filled, heavy duty housing.  The T-ram assembly mounts directly on the rudderstock and self-aligns, supporting its own weight.  Only two torque struts (arm) are required to connect the T-ram to the vessels hull structure.

Jastram Brochures

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